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Let me try this one more time.

1) If myself, my loved ones, or my friends are threatened with violence, I will use whatever means is available to protect them.

2) I will not shoot, to wound or kill, someone stealing my TV. To me it simply is not worth the legal issues that I would have to deal with in my state. We are NOT a Castle Doctrine state, force can only be used as necessasry to stop the threat. You see it would be damn hard to prove a physical threat if I shot a guy in the back as he headed out my door with my tv.

3) I am not saying i wouldn't confront the guy, with my gun in hand, tell him to put the tv down and get down on the floor. I won't shoot him if he does not comply.

Is that clear enough? It isn't about stupid, nonsensical "gentle rape" scenarios. It's not about not defending my family. It's about MY idea that property is not worth killing someone over. It is that simple.

Do as you wish. I most certainly will.
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