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If you can't understand that, I guess I might as well not bother...
To have attempted to for this long, sir, you have the patience of a saint

I assume anyone that is in my house that I did not invite is an intruder and means to do harm to myself or others who reside there. Hopefully, as youngunz pointed out he is there for the TV (its 10 years old and heavy, so good luck with that) and a soda.

I keep a pistol and a flashlight by my bedside, and when awake a pistol on my person or nearby, I also have a cell phone and alarms on the doors - all of which should be used in conjunction, but not necessarily concurrently.

I have no desire to use a firearm to do anything but punch paper (and the occasional alien target) nor do I want the stress of investigations, possibly a trial, and the expense that goes with it. But if forced to choose between myself and those I love or some random meth addict whose motivations are unpredictable at best, well, I wouldn't want to be him.

If it becomes necessary to engage an intruder, due to a reasonably perceived threat of imminent grave or deadly bodily harm to me or mine, then I have the equipment, the ability, and most of all the mindset to deal decisively with the problem.
"The best diplomat I know is a fully charged phaser bank" - Montgomery Scott
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