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City or county demographics also determine the outcome of a defensive shooting. Some locales have a 60-90% population of one race, and if one is arrested there for shooting in self-defense, and if the shooter belongs to a different race, the probability of fair treatment is open to question. Also, attitudes about firearms and their use vary by region. Cops in rural Texas or Tennesse probably will have a different view than those in urban New York or New Jersey. Police in Long Island communities may look at it in a different light than Manhattan cops.

Nogo, you hit the nail on the head. We have many examples throughout history and recent times of offender being X and home owner being Y, then local politicians, DA's and other Law Enforcement using the shooting as an opportunity to politically grand stand for Minority or Majority groups. Thankfully if its dark you don't really have a chance to consider skin color do you?

I think maybe he was saying, you are using deadly force via premise when you fire in selfdefense whether you're firing a 44 magnum or a 22 deringer and/or whether you're shooting at BG's center mass or if you are shooting at BG's legs to wound. It is all considered deadly force when you draw and shoot.
I was always tought growing up, and I have taught my wife if you pull that trigger it is because you feel you have no other choice but to use deadly force. By pulling the trigger and shooting at someone, you have to assume that you are using deadly force and the person you are aiming at will no longer be alive in a couple of seconds. If you are pulling the trigger for any other reason, you are not properly applying force in that situation. Bullets ricochet, over penetrate, etc all the time. Every discharge of a firearm, especially in the confines of a home in a residential area can be very lethal.
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