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I liked my Sellior & Bellot 8mm mauser ammo. It was soft point. When my 8mm was my back up hunting rifle, I took that with me. I believe it was like 198gr? which is more than you'll need for a white tail. I liked Prvi also. Winchester reduced recoil 8mm sp will work for deer also at short ranges.

IMHO: Depending on the ranges that you'll be shooting, you should practice your shooting at both a 100 yard range and a 200 yard range. Sight in for 200, but check the vertical rise for 100 yards to see how much higher the bullet will be at 1/2 distance. If you're in deep dark woods, you might only need to sight in for 100.

The yugo's not that bad, minus the occasional requirement to pull the trigger twice to set off the hard primers.
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