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If you don't want people sneaking into your house, there are plenty of preventive options.

Improve your exterior lighting.

Design your landscaping to not allow hide spots near the house.

Put good doors on the house and attached garage, in solid door frames, with good locks. Use the locks.

Lock the windows.

Burglar bar the sliding doors.

Consider investing in lockable storm shutters.

Consider getting some electronic security.

Set up the interior of the house so that loved ones are in a relatively small, defensible area, so it's easy to set up a defensive chokepoint.

My personal favorite: Get a dog, or multiple dogs. (I have three; the small one barks a lot, and the big ones, while friendly, can scare a stranger quite nicely; one of the big ones will very likely bite an aggressive stranger.) Nothing, but nothing, sneaks up on our house while we are home.

If past experience is any indicator, some poster or posters will now say, "I shouldn't have to go to that much trouble," and/or "I have a gun, I can just shoot them."

To them I say, "good luck."

Edit: Of course, I also have guns. I usually have one on my person. I also have a shotgun or rifle secured but accessible, depending on what part of the house I'm in. I've also been heavily into martial arts for a couple decades. And I work as a defense contractor in Afghanistan. (I'm there now.)

My point is, I'm not talking from a perspective of rose-tinted glasses. If it becomes necessary to engage an intruder, due to a reasonably perceived threat of imminent grave or deadly bodily harm to me or mine, then I have the equipment, the ability, and most of all the mindset to deal decisively with the problem.

I would just prefer to prevent the need in the first place.

If you can't understand that, I guess I might as well not bother...
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