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In my thoughts, an armed citizen should retreat where possible, contact the law, and then, if the effort to resolve the situation without shots being fired fails, then there is no option left, and that citizen should make every effort to put the intruder into a hole.
I always hear people talking about the stress of lawyers and guilt and yadda yadda, how about the stress and anxiety I will suffer(and I gurantee I would) worrying about my damn kids and wife and everything else because this killa or sick person or whatever else you want to call him is allowed to walk away? he knows me but I don't know him. He might come back. There are stats on the fact that many times the perp knows the family and the house. yes, sometimes it is random, but I would hate not knowing.

Lots of good posts - I like Aarond's and also the one about how 'sick people' invade homes and how it reminds him of serial killers. I'm not taking any chances if someone breaks in...the property thing isn't really even an issue to me because pretty much you're barking up the wrong tree usually and that isn't my concern. I gotta tell you though, I can only hope I am so lucky that while my family's home is invaded in the wee hrs of the mrng that this guy is stealing a tv and a soda. Luck might be the wrong word, BUT the BG(or bad guys) is usually in the house posing a much much bigger threat.
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