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I have some some very serious problems with someone breaking into my house, that to me is like some serial killer stuff. If i find someone creeping around my house in the dead of night then there will be no warning shot or warning period. Cruel maybe...but that is what sick people do ( break into peoples house ).

However, if someone is stealing scrap metal from my backyard and i catch them doing it then i will call the cops and maybe shoot out a tire. depends on if i am with someone whos life i will not risk. The reason i say that is if they are armed then they will fight instead of flee if i destroy there transportation.

But anyways, farmerboy...chill man. Relax bud..criminals have really really bad luck.
Two weapons that was designed by the same man still in use by the us military 100 years later...1911 and there anything that comes annd maybe perhaps a sig sauer p226 tac ops edition..
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