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their use against US LEO would just be the thing they are looking for.
Absolutely not and hee is why... I am sure you will agree when you read this...
I ain't real bright but here is what I see...
All guns confiscated in mexico can have their numbers checked by The USA at least if not Mexico too.

The guns they give us to check are predominately American made... But they lack what should be a vast majority of com-bloc and chi-com gear due to all of their illegal import routes.

Now if F&F was intended to cement thes numbers with guns FROM dealers NEAR the border, they get to go after the 2A rights... But they want the needed time to have such a number of guns walked and then the time it takes to be used and discarded at crimes... IN MEXICO... If one is used in a crime in america, the scrutiny of tracing the gun would cause this inevitable discovery of their involvement in illicit behavior.

If no Terry shooting, no discovery... yet... In another year or so, we would have a new look at guns confiscated IN mexico BY mexican authorities used in crimes there... All of a sudden it looks like a super spike in trafficking of arms from the USA (surprise surprise).. Now the reason for gun control here is presented...

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