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To the one who stated they would not shoot anyone unless under immanent threat. A bad guy comes into your house is very polite and sees your wife washing dishes and tells her he wishes to do neither of you harm but he's going to rape her and leave you too alone afterwards but will be gentle. You still wouldn't shoot him would you because no one is getting hurt by your last post. Ps- you don't know it but the BG has aids. What if he politely says he's gonna take your tv and insurance can get you another one, no threat was made. Nobody got hurt. He just walks away whistling carrying your tv. This is truly just scenarios and hope this never happens to your are anybody elses wife but really someone that makes those statements, what will you defend??? Hell you won't even help yourself or protect your assests under certain conditions what will you. That's fine maybe it's allright to live I'n a bubble, Idk. But just don't ever get caught kicking my door I'n I'n the night hrs or day either. I'm not gonna ask you if your hear to kill rape or just steal a tv. All I'm gonna say is the last thing you'll see is a bright flash
My state is not a Castle Doctrine State so shooting someone over property will cause me more hassles than filing an insurance claim. I never said I wouldn't confront them, tell them to put the TV down, and get down on the floor. If they choose to keep walking I will not shoot them over a TV. You don't have to like my plan, I don't have to like yours. Mine doesn't affect you and yours doesn't affect me. Try to relax and realize all you control is you and not everyone else's actions.

As for your rape scenario it is entirely ludicrous. Rape is a violent crime whether it is done gently or not. It is forcing someone to physically comply against their wishes.

Apparently you will go to the extreme of ridiculousness to try and discredit me. Honestly, I think with this post you are clutching at straws and you look really, really, desperately foolish.

Do have a nice day.

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