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breaking eggs to make an omelette

No other motivation makes sense for F&F except that BATFE wanted to inflate the numbers of U.S. weapons recovered at crime scenes.

Maybe the BATFE wonks who thought this up really didn't connect the dots and think through the fact that a crime scene means a crime has been committed.

maybe they didn't think that a U.S. agent would get killed with their weapons... that thinking is akin to homicidal negligence - I'm not trying to excuse it.

But maybe they were thinking that Mexico is awash in violence anyway, and if the cartels don't get their guns from the U.S. they'll just go missing from Mexican Army military arms depots anyway... Sort of the philosophy that the cartels are going to get their weapons no matter what so it doesn't matter if the Fast and Furious supplies them...

I don't know.

Listening to Newell's testimony though... I think he is one cool cucumber, it takes some stones to look a senator right in the eye and say that he didn't think guns walked across the border during Fast & Furious.

If Newell was the genius behind the resurection of Operation Wide Receiver version 2.0, I can see Newell not caring if some Mexicans got killed because of it.
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