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Steyr M95 Long Rifle

So on a whim I bought a Steyr M95 Long Rifle that has been 'Decommissioned' by drilling the chamber (barrel only, the receiver was untouched). It was bought as a wall hanger ($59 USD) and if it remains that way it's OK. But I was wondering if there are any full length (30") barrels out there in either 8x50R or 8x56R? I reload so the caliber is not that important though I do realize that the 8x56R is more readily available as far as cases go. I want to keep this as simple as possible.

I realize I could have a barrel built but really don't want to put that much into this project. Something simple like a barrel swap and check headspace is what I was thinking. I know the dies would cost me out the nose. But somehow die costs don't bother me as much.


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