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I never intended to hunt with the surplus. In fact, I'm probably never going to put that crap in my gun again. Actually I was pleasantly surprised to find that I can get the prvi partizan ammo soft points for the same price as fmj's. So I'm just going to practice shooting with the soft points.
Sounds like this type of shooting requires the same mentality as martial arts, envisioning your target, what you will do... And the consistency of course! I will probably skip this hunting season and wait for next year, I'm too busy anyway this fall. So I should have plenty of time to get proficient at 100 yards.
I really do want to take good care of this rifle and treat it right, my grandpa may not last much longer and the rifle really means a lot to me.
Thanks for the advice hornetguy, that was exactly the sort of detail I was looking for, as this type of long range shooting is very new to me.
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