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The Amended Complaint for Ezell is in.

If you thought that the (very) wordy ordinances that Chicago had passed were hard to follow (and make sense of), then have no fear!

In an easy to read, double spaced 14 page complaint, Alan Gura shows how the old gun range ban is still a ban. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

Here's the sum of the complaint and relief sought:

An order preliminarily and permanently enjoining Defendant, its officers, agents, servants, employees, and all persons in active concert or participation with them who receive actual notice of the injunction, from enforcing Chicago Municipal Code §§ 4-151-010 and 4-151-030, requiring all range managers, employees, and “applicants” have a Chicago Firearms Permit (“CFP”) and an Illinois Firearms Owners Identification Card (“FOID”); 4-151-030(f); 4-151-090; 4-151-100(d); 4-151-120; 4-151-170; 8-20-110 as applied to firearms temporarily borrowed or rented by shooting range patrons, 13-96-1200(b)(2) and 13-96-1200(b)(7), or any other law, as against the ordinary operation and use of gun ranges open to the public and the loan or rental of functional firearms within gun ranges open to the public;
The way the law is currently written, we have a classic Chicken & Egg question. You have to have an FOID before you can get the CHP. So the only people who can use the range are those that already have an FOID and a CHP

That also means that any non-resident of Chicago (visitor - instate or out of state) may never use the range, thus depriving the business of ... well ... business.

Oh, and you can't bring your own ammo to the range. You must purchase your ammo at the range and consume it all. You cannot leave the range with any range purchased ammo.

To back up these ordinance, failure to comply is a criminal offense.
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