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Mauser 98 "Sporterized"

Hello all! I'm looking for some advice.
A couple of years ago my gracious grandfather built for me a hunting rifle based around a very solid Mauser 98 bolt action. I have only shot it twice because until recently I only had access to a 25 yard range where I went to shoot handguns. Now I have a place to go that's free and I think I would soon like to take up whitetail deer hunting so my questions are:

1. Any tips of shooting rifles with a scope? I've only been out twice, though my results have been pretty good (about 2-3 inch groups, my first time firing a scoped rifle, not ideal and certainly not what I'm hoping for with some practice, I would like to keep it inside 1.5 inch groups), I have yet to take it out past 50 yards. A very nice man at the range helped me to sight in the scope, but I would like to have it sighted at 100 yards ultimately.

2. Anything more you can tell me about my own gun? I have no idea what kind of stock is on it, never seen anything like it before this gun. I would ask my grandfather but he recently had a stroke and is somewhat incapacitated right now.

3. Any advice or tips on hunting? I live in Michigan and my knowledge is basically zero. I did take hunter's safety when I was twelve but never actually got to the hunting part, so, like I said, knowledge is low to zero.

Thank so much in advance!

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