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Ever wonder why some folks complain about recoil from a .40 short & wimpy?? PULEAZE!
No. It's not a mystery to me.

Fired from a G23, or 4013, say, the .40 is rather snappy. Even from my G22, recoil is noticeably more than Fired my P229 or P226 where recoil is easy to manage.

Hey, what's this "you're a whimp" if you don't shoot a 10mm stuff. I know lot's of muscled up fella's in great shape who can pick what ever gun they like. Can't think of any who choose the 10mm. But the whimpy .40 is high on their list. And so is the 9mm.

10mm equals few choices in guns to choose from. Ammo availability isn't the greatest, and neither is wide choice of ammo.

There's more than one reason why the 10mm is absent from law enforcement. They tried it, remember? The cartridge batters the crap out of guns and wears them out in short order--almost as fast as it eliminates 3/4ths of any new LE recruitment class.

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