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I thought I would “up date” this thread with a warning about Tanker Garands. There are some real turkeys on the market.

I don’t know who was the maker of this tanker but they sure understood their market. Winchester parts look like they were chewed out of barstock by angry beavers, but people will pay out the yin yang for anything with the Winchester label. I remember tankers were being sold for more than standard Garands, and there was probably a premium for this tanker because it is a “Winchester”. But the receiver is not all Winchester. The front half is Springfield. It is a reweld job.

The pictures below will show you color changes and hopefully will give you a clue if you every run across a reweld for sale. If you do, walk away.

This one is such a poor assembly job that the barrel unscrewed itself. This was brought to a rifle match by the owner who was giving it to a gunsmith/competitor to make the thing work. I don’t know the end result.

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