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Originally Posted by froglegs
Tanker vs. Standard Garand
Forgive the misnomer, but i like to call em tanker garands. What are the advantages/ disadvantages of a Tanker length barrel and gas system vs. a standard length version. How well do they handle when compared, how's the reliability, accuracy (in general) and so on.
The so called "Garand Tanker" can be made reliable. There are at least two good shops building them in both '06 and .308. I shot a friends, it had a bit more muzzle flash and recoil. It did feel good, I liked to balance. No way I would cut a good Garand to make one, but if I had a rifle with a bad muzzle I would consider it.

I've built a couple of "Tanker Enfields", easy with a bolt gun. These started as a sporter that had the barrel cut already. I just made a new cut and made short wood.

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