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Originally Posted by Deaf Smith
Took weeks to patch all the holes in the walls.
I laughed hard, thank you.

Okay, so, I'm actually not at home. I'm in California, out of choice, and watching the house and the dog for family. I don't have a gun here, they do, but they are locked up. I have two 14 inch throwing knives, two 10 inch throwing knives, a 7 inch knife, and my "Baby" 12 inch fighter. Also, a pair of Kali sticks. Luckily this is a gated community, but that means little as the back wall can be jumped without anyone knowing. I've heard one odd sound so far, that wasn't the neighbors arguing. It sounded like trees rustling, so I took a peek outside, found nothing. I always keep my light handy, as well as my phone. The knives won't help me much, and I only keep the one handy... But it's all I have, and it's a good thing I know how to use it.
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