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Here in El Paso there is a surplus of below minimum wage labor, which raises the amount of auto shops which clean and re-use WW's. I found a couple places that sold them but was always in competition with some other reloaders buying them out as well.

This last time I was beat out at both places and decided to try a tire shop I'd skipped previously because it was a national chain. They were sitting on three 5 gallon buckets of WW which I gladly took off their hands. They had no idea why I needed that much lead and much to their surprise I told them why. No one had ever stopped there before to buy up their stock and they were happy not to have to send a worker down to the scrapper to off load them.

The moral is don't assume what the answer will be, go and ask.

ZN aren't too common here and I quit looking for FE weights. I just strain them out when they float to the top.
New gun, same ol' shot.
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