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As for local authorities, they just dont care about crows and theirs control of the population(like it was before). They are true pests not only to people, but to other animals, as for wild pigeons that nests in the city, squerls, some titmouse thrushs, woodpecker┬┤s offspring, etc. As i said true pest. Hunters that i know doesnt hesitate,(when loaded with birs shots)to shot one or several in the huntiing yards around Sarajevo, but they are in absence where hunters are frequently around. From time to time, very rarely red hawks takes one, or some of them, but scene thats more ofted viewed is that crows harrasing and even attacking hawks. The only thing the are in fear of is the falcon, but theirs effect on pupulation is, id say, moere modest.

Also my oppinion is that those mates from society for protecting animals have theirs fingers in all of this mess. They have forbiden ferel dogs to be eutanized, now we have those dogs attacking on school childern, older peopl, even people in cars.

No, dont think that they are smarter than American ones. I would really like to know how people from Texas deals with them on corn fields?
As for desises they carry, thats a different topic allready...
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