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Well, I finally got my rifle back... again. I was hoping for the best, it had a new stock, the action was workable, barrel looked good, safety was still overly stiff but was good enough for me to live with.

Today I finally got to shoot it. First shot - click. The primer was dented but not enough to fire. The second round went off but I had another failure to fire after about 6 rounds for 2 failures in 13 rounds of Federal Power Shok 150 gr.

Ammo problem? Nope. I changed to Remington Core Lokt 165 gr. and got 2 failures in 4 rounds. That was enough for me and I packed up and came home.

Back it goes to Thompson Center (which means I will have to take a morning off work to send it off and to wait around for fedex when it comes back). It is probably just too much grease in the bolt, but it does not look like an easy bolt to disassemble, and the instructions that came with the gun say not too. But they probably wont fix it, they have had two chances to get it right and have failed. They didn't even bother to test fire it when it was sent in. Hopefully I can get them to give me a new one.
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