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All pretty good advice. Your 1928 Springfield receiver, as long as it's in good condition, will handle anything safe in any other .30-06. If you have your choice of powders there are advantages in bulk density to some over 4895, but none are more versatile. It was developed for the Garand specifically during WW II (IIRC, 1942 was its introduction), but does well with a wide range of bullet weights and loading densities in any .30-06. Hodgdon's H4895 is a little faster and they claim it does even better on reduced loads, though I've not verified that personally. There are so many variables in performance and accuracy that I take all claims that one component is better than another with a grain of salt until I see it in my own guns. Too often what is true for one gun is not true in another.

With 150 grain bullets and down, Vihtavuori N133, with its lowish energy density, is bulkier and a bit cleaner burning. With 168-180 grain bullets, a lot of shooters prefer IMR 4064 or Varget, again in part due to greater bulk. But stick with the IMR 4895 until you find your load range and bullets. You can always do load tweaking later to see if you can make an improvement or not.
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