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Our dog is our alarm - a hypersensitive yappy terrier.

When we started keeping him in the bedroom with us, he used to react to every light in the cul-de-sac. I decided to use these as opportunities to rehearse HD. I keep amplified shooter's muffs (easier than fumbling with hearing aids), SIG P238, and a tac light by the bed. The first two times I fumbled the muffs and had trouble finding the switch. By the fifth time, I had the whole routine down pat. I don't even attempt to clear the house, I let the dog run downstairs and listen in the upstairs hallway. If I don't hear him running or do hear the whine-bark which means something is intruding on his (our) territory, I'll fort up in the bedroom and call 911.

As he's gotten more used to sleeping with us, he's given us far fewer false alarms, and the ones that he does give have been reasonable (neighbor's daughter's boyfriend in the wrong driveway once, early morning delivery once).
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