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So, the President of the United States knew about a DOJ / BATFE operation called Fast and Furious, before the head of the DOJ knew about it, from listening to the news, but he knew that the AG didn't know about it. He found out that the AG didn't know about it - not by asking the Attorney General, but instead found out that the AG didn't know about Operation Fast and Furious in such a way that the AG still remained ignorant of Operation Fast and Furious, and then the president subsequently never thought to inform the AG about it?
But wait, it gets better... Not only did he know that Holder didn't know without Holder knowing about Fast & Furious, someone at DOJ managed to start an IG investigation of Fast & Furious without Holder, led by a long-time friend and subordinate of Holder's without Holder knowing as well.

Pretty clearly, Holder's statement to Congress was incorrect. The Presidential comment probably won't cause him much grief since "a few weeks ago" from May 3, and the President's comment in March is really not a major time difference. Sloppy; but not huge. However, the original DOJ stonewall of Congress back in January was that DOJ's IG was conducting its own investigation and that they couldn't jeapordize that investigation. That one is going to be tougher to explain.

Which makes it all the more puzzling to me that Holder gave a statement he didn't have to give. It seems he is having trouble with consistency already, why keep talking? Surely he has seen the ending to this film before?
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