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I have such a rifle!

Savage bolt gun, the locking lug is the root of the bolt handle. In .32-20.

I found, based on chronograph results and ability to extract and such, a 115 grain lead bullet and somewhere around 10 grains of something like 2400 powder gives about as much as can be safely derived.

The load I used was actually a surplus powder designed for the .30 Carbine bullet, which is why I used the wording I did in the previous paragraph. I'd suggest you start with 8.0 grains of 2400 and find an accurate load under 11.0 grains at the most.

Again, as all firearms - rifles - are different, your results may vary. Stay cautious; no point in beating that dandy little rifle into early retirement. It will never be a .30-30, so live with it as a pest control round.
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