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Rat Trap ???

Here is a possible solution for you that I have used on other large nuisance birds. It might work on your pests even though yours are larger. Once you knock off a few, the rest will go away. Trap them by using about four rat traps. That's what I said, rat-traps with bait. One possible problems is that you might trap other birds. I take the rat trap drill a hole in the middle. Then camo paint it and stake it out in the garden. I use some of those large aluminum nails that are used to anchor gutters to your house. As for bate, use something that you think they and only they will like. I have used whole peanuts, chunks of bread and old popcorn. On crows, try some red meat. Position it so the bird has to peck at the trigger that springs the trap. ...

I then Trap, Shovel and Shut-up. ....

Be Safe !!!
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