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Hi everyone,
i really dont know is it right place on this forum to post a question.
Is the matter of act i have a problem with the crows. They(especially on autumns)gather in huge numbers, in the park near my house, making such mess in my backyard, noises and even chase people from above. One morning i woke up, finding my garden absolutely destroyed. Box from where some singing birds eats, i find turned over with the food all over the lawn. Also theys droppings make them stained, like in war zone or something. Different story is when acorns develop on neareby oak, a man just cant stand that noise. And im little bit tired of chasing them away.
I´d use my .22 rifle, but since im living in the center of the city, i dont think thats a good idea.
Anyone have some idea, advice or some technique how to get rid of these little bas*ards?

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