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Isn't competition great!

I just read MiGun's support page. Very nice app.

Fields Include: Company, Gun Model, Gun Type, Caliber, Finish, Barrel Size, Purchase Date, Amount and a generous note space area.

• Customize all the fields including the drop-down menus to fit your needs.

• Use the Note Field to keep track of when and to whom you sold a weapon.

• Search any word on any field in your gun collection
Gun Log also has make, model, type, caliber, purchase date, purchase amount, notes.

It seems the driving usage or function for the apps are different. MiGun's usage seems to be based around tracking critical and important information that can be used for reporting stolen weapons or recalling what you paid for a gun, and related uses.

Gun Log was developed around the idea of "shooting". Because both apps store gun descriptions there is some overlap in functionality.

Not only can you take store a picture of your gun, you can store a picture of each configuration of your gun. Also you can store a picture of your targets.

There are fields for group size, point of aim, point of impact, firing stance, and other related firing information.

There is a bullet drop estimator that gives you an idea of how to sight in your weapon and the path of the bullet.

There are reports for weapons, firing sessions, and ammunition.

So, two nicely priced apps, originating around a different usage model, and surely destined to become more and more alike.

Some screen shots of the Weapon Information stored...




But Gun Log is about shooting, recording your results and weapon/ammo failures, maintenance logs, and the relationships of how certain configurations, ammo (including hand loads), all work together.

The goal of Gun Log is to go shooting! These are the results:

Buy the app the fits your needs. At the price the apps cost, get them both!
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