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I will offer you one important caution.Looking for ideas and comparisons in old load books is fine,but do not use old data,such as you will find in PO Ackley.
Your choice of H4895 is a great example.When the PO Ackley book was written,H4895 was GI surplus powder tha Mr Hogdon was kindly selling us.It ran out,and a new formulation of H-4895 was created,but the data is not interchangable.The PO Ackley data would be an overload in H-4895 today.I have seen blown open primer pockets because an older gentleman loaded some ammo for his old elk hunting buddy's son,to use the old man's rifle.I pulled bullets weighed charges,and referenced it back to a standard,safe load of surplus H4895 in the PO Ackley book.

Load with modern data .

I have a Lsaer Cast first edition load manual.Its somewhat old,but I'd use it.
With their 115 gr RNFP,loaded to 1.545 length,Unique they said 5.0 gr start for 1283,5.5 max for 1392.
With 2400,8.5 gr start for 1289,9.0 gr for 1379.They do not spec brass or primer.

The red Accurate book,#1,also sort of old,has a obsolete cartridge section,and lists "HV92" loads.

I won't list them all,but with HDY 100gr HPT 14.7 gr ,start,gave 1738,and 15.5 gr max,gave 1849 using their 1680 powder.Pressure on the max was 23,600 cup.Primer,cci,Rem.Length 1.565
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