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Again - Thank you all for your help it is greatly appreciated!

Still, you were asking for old loads, and the Lyman 46th edition shows much higher velocities with the 100 gr jacketed HP and IMR 4227.
I guess I wasn't really looking for old loads. I just figured that would be the best way to find what I was looking for. What I am looking for is a rifle load for the 32-20 and since it was ported over to a pistol caliber it's been my understanding that the higher/hotter loads are harder to find published.

I remember reading an online article by Paco Kelly or Chuck Hawks or one of those guys years ago that had lots of .32-20 data of various power levels. Maybe I still have a link somewhere...
I've actually read this quite a few times by happening across it looking for other things. But thank you for the link (last time i was there i wasn't looking for load data so didn't even notice those parts).

The loads posted above show about the slowest powders that would be at all effective. And that Savage is not a "strong action" by recent standards. Load it for accuracy, not velocity.

If you could find a copy of Ken Waters' "Pet Loads" or just a reprint of the May 1989 Handloader Magazine, he did an article on the .32-20 rifle, with a Savage 23C. Is that what you have or a break action 219?

Are you shooting cast or jacketed bullets?
I'll copy a couple of loads for you but am not going to key in two pages of tables.
I wasn't actually looking for a change in velocity - the idea was to get down to a single powder if possible. Velocity change would just be a side effect -

I'm actually not sure if the Gun is a 23C or a Sporter (is there a difference or are they one and the same). I've been told (on this forum) that what I have is a 23C (my serial number is 5 digits long not 6 like the more recent versions) - the gun also says "Savage Sporter" on the top and "32-20 safe" on the side. So I'm a little confused as to what it is - But I know it's a 32-20 savage sporter that I shoot regularly.

I'm shooting cast bullets - but if I need to change to accommodate a where i'm trying to get to then I'll do it willingly.

It's all about building that bridge to go from here to there! I'm getting much closer than I thought I would - I'm just looking for the last few trinkets of information that will tie it all together and make it all work.

If you have a rare Savage 32-20 Sporter or 23C Bolt action prepare to be very impressed. Find a Lyman 44th edition manual for starters. They used this rifle for thier load data workup. As it is a bolt action the cartridge can be loaded quite a bit hotter than the generic saddle rifle data published. You may want to slug the bore as well as Savage made these in an undersized for calibre .310 diameter bore. They even had Remington build some special jacketed soft point bullets that went out of production many years ago in a .310 diameter. I had one of these rifles if havent guessed . I will try also to find an old issue of Handloader Magazine where they used this and a couple of other rifles and segregated the load data for those guns capable of using the hotter loads . If I find it and if you PM me I will try to photo copy the load data pages and mail them to you ... Nice guns and tons of fun ..
So this brings up the question of being able to tell the difference between the "sporter" and the 23C - The most recent date on the top of the barrel on mine is in Nov of 1917 - Like I said - it's a savage Sporter.

I did check the barrel (didn't slug it just stuck the dial caliper in the end of it) and we came out at .285 - I thought maybe my caliper was screwed up so I measured a bullet .313, then a 30 cal bullet .308 then a 7mm bullet .284 - So Unless i'm missing something this barrel is .285 and I may actually want to go to a much smaller bullet than the .313's i've been using.

I would really appreciate the information if you can copy it. I'll PM you now!

Again - Thank you very much everyone for all your help!
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