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If you have a rare Savage 32-20 Sporter or 23C Bolt action prepare to be very impressed. Find a Lyman 44th edition manual for starters. They used this rifle for thier load data workup. As it is a bolt action the cartridge can be loaded quite a bit hotter than the generic saddle rifle data published. You may want to slug the bore as well as Savage made these in an undersized for calibre .310 diameter bore. They even had Remington build some special jacketed soft point bullets that went out of production many years ago in a .310 diameter. I had one of these rifles if havent guessed . I will try also to find an old issue of Handloader Magazine where they used this and a couple of other rifles and segregated the load data for those guns capable of using the hotter loads . If I find it and if you PM me I will try to photo copy the load data pages and mail them to you ... Nice guns and tons of fun ..

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