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Velocity yes, pressure, no.
Maximum pressure occurs with the bullet very close to the chamber, it does not continue to rise for very far at all. Just that a longer barrel lets the pressure act on the bullet for longer.

I'm toying with the idea of trying a few loads of H4895 in the 32-20.
Quit toying. That would be a waste of powder, bullets, and time.

The loads posted above show about the slowest powders that would be at all effective. And that Savage is not a "strong action" by recent standards. Load it for accuracy, not velocity.

If you could find a copy of Ken Waters' "Pet Loads" or just a reprint of the May 1989 Handloader Magazine, he did an article on the .32-20 rifle, with a Savage 23C. Is that what you have or a break action 219?

Are you shooting cast or jacketed bullets?
I'll copy a couple of loads for you but am not going to key in two pages of tables.

i'm trying to get to a 1 powder household
That is just not feasible with cartridges as far apart as a .30-06 and a .32-20.
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