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The Lyman Handloading book, 49th edition (latest version), on page 250 shows the rifle loading recommendations for the 32-20 (aka 32 WCF). It suggest IMR 4198 as the best choice for the jacketed 100 gr HP. For 115 grain cast #2 alloy, it has recommendations for Unique, 2400, Reloader 7 and a few others. Looks like RX-7 gives the highest velocities for both the cast lead and the jacketed bullet. Still, you were asking for old loads, and the Lyman 46th edition shows much higher velocities with the 100 gr jacketed HP and IMR 4227. And PO Ackley's book, volume 1, shows loads very similar to the Lyman 46th edition. And it gives load data for 80, 90, 100, and 115 gr bullets and Unique powder. It doesn't say if the bullets are cast or Jacketed. So there's data out there for you.
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