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I'd like to find some load data using a rifle powder rather than unique - like I've said above i'm trying to get to a 1 powder household.
I hate to be a wet blanket, and you've possibly already come to this conclusion... but...
Trying to be a "one powder" loader for the three cartridges you mentioned is probably going to be very difficult, if you want "good" results from all three.

You have what is essentially a pistol sized cartridge (whether it's fired in a rifle or not) and two rather large rifle cases. The 32-20's case capacity is about 1/3 of what the '06 and 280 (same case) are. Finding a powder that will give good load density and consistent results in all of those is probably going to be an impossible task.
You can either use a faster burning powder and get good results in the 32-20, and mild results in the two rifles, or use a slower burning powder for good results in the rifles and lower speeds in the 32-20.
I don't think you can GET there from here...
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