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Out of a 1915 ammo catalog, it shows Winchester loaded the rifle ammo to 1290'ps with 3 different bullets, a Lubaloy, FP, and SP, all weighing at 100grs. That might give you a target to hit if you have a chrony. Out of an Ideal Loading Manual #8, for rifle cartridges in 32-20 they give the following as max loads:
Cast bullets
85 grs-10.0 grs 2400=1600'ps
100 grs-10.0 grs 2400=1475'ps
111 grs-5.5 grs Unique=1500'ps
111 grs-11.0 grs 2400=1670'ps
111 grs-11.0 grs SR4759=1575'ps
115 grs-10.8 grs 2400=1555'ps
115 grs- 11.0 grs SR4759= 1575'ps

Jacketed bullets
80 gr- 12.0 grs SR4759=1605'ps
80 gr- 13.0 grs 2400=1845'ps
80 gr- 17.0 grs IMR4227=1975'ps
115 gr- 10.8 grs 2400= 1555'ps
115 gr- 11.5 grs SR4759= 1636'ps.

Remember this is from an old loading manual and I would be doubtful as to the actual test methods. I'd consider these loads as something you'd want to approach cautiously but most apparently they were safe for the materials available at the time. This manual is from the 1920's, use at your own risk. But if it were my shooter and an old rifle, I'd be looking at 1290'ps loading and skip trying to make it into a hot rod. Might take a look at the 100 gr Remington bullet for your jacketed loads as it looks like it's made just for this oldie.
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