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I think I've just been gob-smacked!

Yesterday, not only did the Huffington Post run a story on Fast and Furious, but the story was written by Prof. Adam Winkler!

The Prof. makes this bold statement:

No effort was made to keep track of the guns or intercept them before they fell into the wrong hands.
Something we haven't seen in print, from a major source. Perhaps the single most damning declaration was this:

Yet the memos appear to contradict Holder's explanation. A memo to Holder from Michael Walter, the Director of the National Drug Intelligence Center dated July 5, 2010, clearly states that "Operation Fast and the Furious" involved a "firearms trafficking ring... responsible for the purchase of 1,500 firearms that were then supplied to the Mexican drug trafficking cartels." The memo doesn't say the guns were sold to couriers, but "supplied" to the cartels.
Not sold. Supplied! This is a must read article, as Prof. Winkler implies that Melson told the committee, back in that "secret" July 4th interview, about a bonafide "smoking gun" memo that the DOJ was trying to hide.

As if this wasn't enough, the "S" word was used by the Washington Post, that ran a very brief AP article:

Washington Post: House committee issues subpoena to Justice Department in guns-to-Mexico scandal

With the WaPo article, above, it's now officially a scandal.
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