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Looking at the list provided by colt 45 (thank you) I'm getting much closer to the powder i'm using for my other guns (30-06 & REM280) - Based on the powder burn rate chart at hodgdon's site.

I was using H414 in these guns and Unique for the 32-20 - These two powders are at opposite ends of the spectrum on the chart (unique is 31 & H414 is 109). I'd never consider making this jump on my own to this powder since it may provide some unwanted and devistating results.

I'm going to be switching the 30-06 and 280 over to use H4895 to try that powder out. Since Accurate Arms 2015BR is listed at 75 on the list and H4895 is 89 on the list they are much closer to the same burn rate. I'm toying with the idea of trying a few loads of H4895 in the 32-20.

But the question would be where to start with a load for this. I don't want to blow the gun apart but also don't want to squib it either. I realize we are getting out of the norm on this one but i'm really looking for a powder i can use universally with all 3 guns (in different amounts) so I don't have a possible mix up of powders and have less "inventory" to try and explain when the wife comes snooping.

How far do you want to go back?
I'm looking at "The Complete Guide for Reloading" By Phil Sharpe. He shows two loadings for the 32-20, one for the Rifle and one for the Pistol. The round was originally produced for the rifle but Colt and S&W started offering chambering for it in their heavy revolvers.

According to Sharp, the rifle loading should not be used in the revolvers.
Rifle- The max Unique load shown for the 100 Grn Metal Cased is 6 grns giving the velocity of 1260 w/22,000 pressure reading.
Pistol-The max Unique load for the 100 grn MC bullet is 5.5 grns at 1065 FPS w/15500 pressure reading.

Thats quite a jump in pressure for only 1/2 gr. of powder.
I'd like to find some load data using a rifle powder rather than unique - like I've said above i'm trying to get to a 1 powder household. I've gone slightly above the 6g listed in your examples above but started to see some high pressure signs (primers backing out a bit) and backed it off but this was with a load above the max listed.
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