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How far do you want to go back?

I'm looking at "The Complete Guide for Reloading" By Phil Sharpe. He shows two loadings for the 32-20, one for the Rifle and one for the Pistol. The round was originally produced for the rifle but Colt and S&W started offering chambering for it in their heavy revolvers.

According to Sharp, the rifle loading should not be used in the revolvers.

An Example:

Rifle- The max Unique load shown for the 100 Grn Metal Cased is 6 grns giving the velocity of 1260 w/22,000 pressure reading.

Pistol-The max Unique load for the 100 grn MC bullet is 5.5 grns at 1065 FPS w/15500 pressure reading.

Thats quite a jump in pressure for only 1/2 gr. of powder.

This is just to give you an ideal, I haven't personally loaded for this cartridge.
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