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Thanks for the quick response -

Generally, though, I think you're going to have this problem in finding data for rifle rounds for the .32-20. It's not really a popular cartridge anymore, and concerns about putting souped up .32-20s into an old Colt or S&W probably is the biggest reason for this, especially after the bad experiences with the Winchester High Velocity ammo,
This seems to be the problem that I'm running into - Since it was used in both rifle and (later) hand guns most of the load data I'm finding has been tailored to the handgun market. I guess it's to err on the side of safety so that someone doesn't go putting a rifle load into a revolver and blow it apart. This is why I figured if someone had an older loading manual they may be able to help since it may differentiate the load between the two types or even just give the rifle information (if it's that old).

After reading about the book on Amazon I'm thinking it may be a good buy. The question I have (if someone has it) would be does it show the rifle loads or just the handgun loads. I have no problem buying the book if it has the information that I seek, I just don't want another dust collector if you know what I mean. Everything I've found so far has been for the handgun.
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