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Older Load data

I'm kinda starting to think this is a "hen's tooth" and that I may never find what i'm looking for.

I know that shorter barrels (like pistols) use a faster burning powder (typically) so they can build up the pressure quicker to expend the bullet from the barrel. Rifles (typically) use a slower burning powder and take the time to build the pressure (the optimum pressure being reached at the end of the barrel) - this is part of the reason some ammo is labeled for certain gun lengths and some will say (handgun only or rifle only) on the box.

This being said - I have an old Savage 32-20 rifle - the problem I run into is that I can not find any load data for a "rifle" cartridge. Most do not differentiate at all and the few that do are using almost the same data as the handgun data.

An example of this would be the hodgdons website where they do not even have the 32-20 in the rifle category. It's listed as a pistol and the loads are very small and of the fast burning powder type.

I have been using unique powder for this gun but would like to know if someone has an OLD load manual that differentiates between the pistols and rifles and what powders it lists for the rifle. Also any load data that could be shared for the rifle would be greatly appreciated. I understand you may not want to post it here in the open so please feel free to PM me if you have something. I'd even be willing to buy that old out dated load manual from you if it has what i'm looking for in it.

The reason for wanting the powder change is that using the unique I've maxed out what should be loaded and i'm starting to see pressure signs. I figure going to a slower burning powder that is for a rifle may help me get a more accurate load without going higher in pressure.
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