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Dahermit, if Ruger is outside of SAAMI specs by .002 for their cylinder throats either it is for a reason or they as you so put it, want the gun to blow up in customers hands.
Why would S&W make sw282's mod27 cylinder .0005 undersize? Either it is SAAMI spec or it isn't as you put it.

I mean, if I am completely wrong here as two why two different manufacturers do this I will say so, but why not pass on your wisdom and experience as to WHY make cylinders undersized? If there is a reason for having the cylinder slightly undersized, what would it be other than to prevent bullet creep (maybe to extend the life of the firearm as cylinder throats enlarge over time, I don't know)? If you chalk it up to sloppy manufacturing I'm ok with that, but since it is well documented that Rugers came with undersized cylinder throats and now sw282's has an undersized throat I really do want to know WHY that is.

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