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American made here is some more info on my current situation.
2008- plead nolo contendere to ca pc 243.e (1) domestic battery I believe.
Sentenced to, three years probation(the works community service, and drug testing until I completed dv class) The one year of anger management/dv class, then probation was commuted to unsupervised and an ass load of fines. I had completed all my classes and payed all my fines, had my probation dropped to unsupervised.
2010- got into it again with the same lady, this time they wanted to slap me with the works... domestic, probation violation etc. I was by no means the antagonist in this situation, but due to my situation at the time I was the one in cuffs. "Luckily" and i say as non whole heartedly as I can, I had witnesses who could draft letters on my behalf to the DA that I was the non aggressor. Well the DA's here in California are out for blood when it comes to domestics, and in Santa Barbara County where this happened they have zero tolerance when it comes to this crap, the man is always going down. I plead nolo contendere to what you had mentioned, ca pc 415, disturbing the peace by noise. They wiped my old probation and slapped me with two more years unsupervised and of course more fines.
So at this point I am looking for what I can do.....
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