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The mystery has been solved about my chambers. They are .3565. This was proved by some Speer and Super Vel jacketed bullets l had on hand. Speer bullet box was marked .357, Super Vels were .3565--- Well the Speers would not go into the cyl. The Super Vels would. So-- using those bullets as go-nogo gages l will say the chambers are .3565. The chambers on this Mod 27-2 are not dirty. The gun is UNFIRED since it left the factory in 1975. Weather permitting that will be changed tomorrow. The load l will be firing in it is. 357 Midway brass. Win st sm pistol primer. AA 2400 pdr.
The bullet is a cast RCBS 38-158 SWC/GC sized to .357-- Bullets were cast from Strait ww. They weigh 163gr sized w/gc & lube.
Will keep you guys posted............
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