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1980's data & new powder and a M1 Garand??

I bought a M1 Garand a few months ago and am just now starting to reload for it. With loading data fairly hard to find for the garand(I only know of the hornaday manual having a seperate section, which I dont have) I was wondering if a 1986 issue of american rifleman would be ok to use?

The data is as follows for IMR 4895 and 150grn HPBT
military brass-
48.5grns @ about 2730fps
49.0grns @ about 2800fps
comercial brass-
48.5grns @ about 2650fps
50.0grns @ about 2870fps
Would this be ok to use with modern IMR4895 and 147-150grn FMJ without bending the op-rod? If so how far sould I drop the starting load?

If anyone has a scan of the hornaday Garand data they wouldnt mind sending me I would greatly appreciate it

Thank you
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