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"I think the issues here shoudl supercede mere politics. An entire agency of the federal government conspired against the American people.

Yes - the agency became embroiled in politics - the politics of gun control. But the issue that they did insert themselves in politics is larger than mere politics. It's like if the Republican party used the CIA to dig up dirt on members of the Democratic party.

That stuff happens in the Middle East and South America all the time - but for something like F&F to happen in America is unacceptable - it is a game changer. It is groundbreaking in it's nature.

That is what I want brought to light - so no other agency ever gets involved in anything like this again, so no other administration - Repiblican, Democrat, Independent - ever attempts to use an an agency (any agency) like this ever again.

To me the importance of bringing to light how a bureau conspired against the American people. It transcends the presidential election. "

I'd like to point out that the Nixon White House did in fact use the CIA, as well as the IRS, against the American people.

The outcry was pretty strong, and ended up in doing a very negative number on the CIA, handicapping its operations to a remarkable degree. While it's none too pretty, this sort of thing [I]does[I] go on in American politics. So does the use of the US military to distract from political problems at home. The Reagan invasion of Grenada was one such.

The stupid waste of our soldiers' lives as politicians succumb to the pressures of their jobs is far from pretty. For example, there was absolutely no reason that we left 238 Marines in a nearly indefensible position in Lebanon, where a truck bomber could blow them to bits. There was little enough reason for them to be there in the first place, and leaving them as targets of opportunity was pointless.

As the Reagan administration needed a legal way to finance opposition to the Nicaraguan Contras, we kissed Iranian butt to get them to provide financing that the White House was unable to provide legally. Needless to say, it came out, but was spun into the ground. No one was impeached, Ollie North was never charged with treason for giving aid and comfort to our enemies the Iranians, and today only grumpy old men remember any of it.

Damn straight it's a game without rules. And it's revolting. And it's business as usual, time after time. I'd like to see the Obama mob busted for this, because aside from everything else, they are not doing good for this country. But please don't think that their actions are any worse than what has been perpetrated by their predecessors, of both parties.
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