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Let's not be too impatient about this. It's a long way to November 2012, and there are lots of cutouts between DOJ and the Oval Office. Develop this case slowly, carefully, and work it up to the top, and there's little doubt that it could well put the final nails into the coffin of the Obama presidency.
I dissagree with this kind of thinking Bob.

I think the issues here shoudl supercede mere politics. An entire agency of the federal government conspired against the American people.

Yes - the agency became embroiled in politics - the politics of gun control. But the issue that they did insert themselves in politics is larger than mere politics. It's like if the Republican party used the CIA to dig up dirt on members of the Democratic party.

That stuff happens in the Middle East and South America all the time - but for something like F&F to happen in America is unacceptable - it is a game changer. It is groundbreaking in it's nature.

That is what I want brought to light - so no other agency ever gets involved in anything like this again, so no other administration - Repiblican, Democrat, Independent - ever attempts to use an an agency (any agency) like this ever again.

To me the importance of bringing to light how a bureau conspired against the American people. It transcends the presidential election.
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