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I found Issa's letter astounding. The gloves are off, he's not gonna stand for any more spin or BS. He's going for the throat, no doubt about it, and blood will soak the floors of the DOJ.
I don't see it quite that way. The "gloves are off", perhaps, but perhaps that's only because he sees that he's checkmated. Why are Speaker Boehner and Minority Leader McConnell utterly silent on the matter? Rep. Cantor is nowhere to be found. In fact, there are exactly two Congressmen who have shown more than a passing interest in this matter - Rep. Issa and Sen. Grassley. As the headlines of today reveal, the Administration is clearly capable of generating instant headlines anytime the temperature on F&F rises more than a degree or two, and entirely swamping any public interest in the matter.

Let's not be too impatient about this. It's a long way to November 2012, and there are lots of cutouts between DOJ and the Oval Office. Develop this case slowly, carefully, and work it up to the top, and there's little doubt that it could well put the final nails into the coffin of the Obama presidency. But it takes time to get the details right, time to grind down the guys who might be persuaded to "take one for the Team", and time to get this to the peak some time in late October 2012, where it will do the most good.
You call it a case, but it isn't a case. There is no prosecutor, and never will be. There won't be impeachment hearings, nor criminal prosecutions (at least not at a senior level, though we may see a few smaller fish fry just for public consumption), and there is no mechanism to force any of this to a head.

I was surprised at the level of ignorance surrounding this in the attention of the general public
Why? The public is neither scholarly on issues constitutional, nor captivated by them at a time the economy continues to tailspin.

but I see it as a good thing.
Why? Public opinion on a somewhat abstract issue like this is not something you can just gen up without an exceptionally accommodating press corps.

Having this peak too soon will give the O Team too much time to downplay it, spin it away, or come up with some kind of useful crisis to divert peoples' attention.
They've proven the ability to generate these crises each time the need arises. Witness today's headlines.

But to my mind, this is a lot more damaging than some DNA on a dress. Dalliance between consenting adults is not a crime, despite what a Republican congress would like to think. But aiding and abetting an operation that took American LEO lives, as well as a concerted campaign of lies which will ultimately be shown to be an attempt at back-door gun control by media spin, and which will eventually be walked back to the White House, is a much bigger deal.
In realpolitik terms, it matters not in the least if you aren't able to bring this to court. And there is no realistic scenario that results in any of the Obama administration being brought forth on criminal charges. As long as Holder and Obama are determined to ride the storm out, they will do so. And the Obama administration has proven itself, time and again, to be more than a match for the R's when it comes to the Machiavellian world of Washington politics.

Did the President know and approve of this? We don't know, yet. But Issa will find out. He's no fool, and he knows how much damage this can do, and just how to ensure that that damage is done, at the most effective time.
What he knew, or didn't know, and what he authorized, or didn't authorize, is essentially irrelevant. He wouldn't be so stupid as to sign anything or have any traceable communications on the matter. Issa can hire a stadium full of Sherlock Holmes-alikes, but they're not going to find anything directly linking the President to any of this.

Don't you just love politics? A game without rules, for all the marbles.
No. It's repugnant and nauseating. It cheapens principles into slogans, and debases everything and everyone it touches.
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