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Weird problem after loading...

So I just started loading for a new cartridge- 40 S&W.

I'm running these loads out of a Glock 35 with a lone wolf barrel, and now that I got all my dies set up there's a problem I've never had before.

If I don't put a ton of crimp on the bullets they wont completely enter the chamber of the barrel (stock or Lone Wolf) which then causes the pistol to get locked up with the slide forward.

Question is, can you see any problem with using a little extra crimp to make them run fine or would you think there's some other problem? They are cast bullets, and the gun eats factory FMJ ammo just fine. These should make major as it is, so the fear is the extra crimp could cause a tad too much pressure and damage the gun or worse.

Any help/advice is much appreciated
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