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A few years back I had trouble with reloaded Federal bottle necked cases being hard to chamber, amongst others, too soft, etc. Thinking back being lazy and not lubricating inside the necks probably exacerbated my problems with them.

For years I used a inside neck lubricator that consisted of a tray of graphite with 3 brushes mounted in it. It got misplaced some where along the line and I just didn’t do it anymore. I guess that was my bad.

I’ve encountered hard chambering off and on since then, but it was so infrequent I didn’t pay it much mind. Then the other day I accidentally ran a 30/06 case thru a 270 die with my old Bonanza and amazed myself how easily it was done. Wth all the leverage that press has it set me to thinking. If it was that easy to reform a cases it would be just as easy, if not more so, to stretch one. Apparently it is.

Batch to batch and manufacturer to manufacturer I’m sure that there’s difference between cases that can cause some to be more susceptiable to stretching than others. Since I now mostly use Remington cases I may never find out. I’ll leave that for other tinkers to learn, but I’ll sure keep lubricating inside bottle necked cases when sizing.
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