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The Lee Safety scale is a highly accurate device. To be able to build a unit and sell it for around $20-$25 that is that accurate and reliable is quite a feat, IMO. With it's price tag, I won't ever accept anyone saying that they can't afford an accurate scale.

It's got problems, however, and those problems limit it's popularity.

It's capped at 110 grain capacity, which is a definite limiting factor if you want to weigh anything other that powder charges. (bullets, brass, etc)

And the vernier scale for tenth-grain adjustments is very difficult for some folks to understand and also quite difficult for most folks to easily read.

If you can learn to use it and accept it's limitations, it's a quality device for seriously low dollars. In that regard, it should always have it's place in the market and anyone that calls it junk is likely too ignorant to figure out how to use it.
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